Bingo Plus
Bingo Plus – 1st Legal Online Live Bingo Game In The Philippines And Be A Millionaire

Bingo Plus the 1st legal online live bingo in the Philippines, At Bingo Plus, you can now enjoy playing online bingo games whenever and wherever you are. As long as you have a stable Internet connection and some funds in your account, you can enjoy all the fun and rewards that Bingo Plus offers. You just have to willingly fund your account using Gcash or any of the other available payment methods, stake some of your account funds, and get a chance to win millions of pesos in prizes daily. 

Filipinos have a penchant for games whatever the occasion may be. Who could forget playing cards with loved ones during sunny afternoons, or planning strategies in board games like sungka or Game of the Generals

Bingo Plus is no exception. Those who want to try their luck and spend time with more people often participate in this worldwide favorite. Since the game can accommodate numerous players, it has long been enshrined as a communal activity that families can do at home. Regardless of a Filipino family’s class, background, or income, it’s sure that they have at least once brought up bingo during their social gatherings. 

You can also get your next lucky winning bingo card for only 5 pesos per card, whether random or personalized.

Bingo Plus often comes with prizes, either money or goods. Regardless, it’s a favorite game among Filipinos. Before the pandemic, bingo halls in malls would be flocked by players of all backgrounds. These people patiently listen to the announcer—who calls out the letters and numbers on the balls drawn—until they achieve a specific pattern on their respective cards.

Yet when the pandemic struck, these once-bustling halls became silent.

Fortunately, people were quick to leverage the power of modern technology to access essential services, get their tasks done, or find a worthy past-time. Eventually, they found their way back to bingo.

Leisure & Resorts World Corporation (LRWC) was among those who found several opportunities in the online space.

As the pioneer of  Bingo Bonanza, the bingo parlors established by LRWC’s subsidiary AB Leisure Exponent, Inc. (ABLE), the leisure and entertainment   company eagerly embraced change through Bingo Plus.

It officially launched last January 2022 and is the first live-streaming bingo platform in the country, even securing a license from the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR). 

The live streaming bingo platform is accessible as players can participate anytime, anywhere. Even with only P1, a player can have the chance to become a millionaire. The highest jackpot prizes an individual won via Bingo Plus is over P54M, while the lowest is around P500,000. 

Bingo Plus was developed because of the pandemic. During the peak of the pandemic, the management saw the opportunity in e-commerce and decided to transform how it’s played, from the bingo halls to online,” said LRWC president Andy Tsui.

Earning the public’s trust 

Despite Bingo Plus’ legitimacy, the public was skeptical toward the live stream bingo platform at first. As one of the first challenges LWRC encountered, the company fought hard to prove that Bingo Plus deserved its trust and recognition. 

Tsui shared that LWRC persisted in promoting the validity of Bingo Plus. One of the steps the company took was utilizing its social media accounts and appealing to the public’s interest.

Every month, Bingo Plus stages Jackpot Awarding Ceremonies. The team behind the platform also highlights heir lucky players—interviewing them and posting their profiles online to raise awareness and   and invite more participants.

“LRWC was very supportive of Bingo Plus when it comes to sponsorship, brand awareness activity, and media exposures,” Tsui said.

Jasper Vicencio, the president of Bingo Plus, assisted in furthering the initiative by finding endorsers with suitable backgrounds and platforms to raise awareness about the brand. Notable celebrities Luis Manzano and Maine Mendoza are Bingo Plus’ first celebrity endorsers.

According to Vicencio, they chose Manzano because of his background as a game show host, just like his father, Edu Manzano. Meanwhile, Mendoza has significant followers on her social media platforms, making her an effective endorser. With both celebrities supporting Bingo Plus, the brand has since grown 

“Right now, we have 150 branches in the Philippines, and we’re hoping to grow it more,” Vicencio said.

He added that the public’s perception of the game has also changed. Before, people didn’t want any association with Bingo Plus. But now, they look forward to it, and even have their photos taken at the platform’s production sites. 

Tsui and Vicencio spent several years in the leisure and gaming industry in the Philippines. They know the local market’s potential in social gaming activities, and their innovative minds encourage modern developments that allow Bingo Plus and LWRC to meet the demands of an ever-changing landscape.

A game that gives back 

Vicencio, who also has fond memories of playing traditional bingo with his family during the holidays, knows there’s more to Bingo Plus than just being an online social game. With BingoPlus, LWRC is bringing the well-loved game to younger generations, which signifies the preservation of Filipino culture from one generation to the next. 

“It’s more than just a leisure game. It’s a shared activity for people of all backgrounds—an innately Filipino experience where they can bond, make friends, catch up, during and after the game” the BingoPlus President said. 

However, as a PAGCOR-licensed company, BingoPlus can only accommodate players aged 21 and above. Nonetheless, this age specification still allows them to encourage young adults to participate in a well-loved game. 

Bingo Plus also values its players’ privacy, especially since text scams are abundant in the country. Tsui and Vicencio ensure that the bingo platform keeps all user information confidential. 

Another Bingo Plus initiative worth mentioning is how it gave back to the Filipino community by sponsoring a P6M scholarship for iACADEMY through FutureSmart Scholarship 2022. It is one of the corporate social responsibilities of Bingo Plus Foundation to support education and technology as drivers of nation-building. 

Playing bingo has come a long way from the usual environments and occasions. Through BingoPlus, Filipinos can play the well-loved game that has become an integral part of their culture with the help of technology. As Filipinos continue to demand new opportunities, they can expect more from Bingo Plus in the following years. 

Bingo Plus is available via, the App Store, and Google Play.